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This book is a collection of guided projects and knowledge to help you get started with embedded Rust.

How to use this Book

The book consists of several sections:

  • Instructions for the knurling-sessions projects
  • Reference Material
  • Knowledge
  • Troubleshooting Pages

To build one of the quarterly knurling-sessions projects and to collect as much embedded knowledge as possible on the way, work through the instructions of each project in order. The Reference Material section contains more general instructions to help you get started with a project from scratch. Some of the instructions from knurling-sessions projects depend on this part. When ever this is the case, we link to the appropriate section. The Knowledge section contains a glossary and articles about embedded concepts to help you dig deeper into the subject. The Troubleshooting pages contain help for common problems when setting up projects.

Icons and Formatting we use

We use Icons to mark different kinds of information in the book:

  • ✅ Call for action
  • ❗️ Warnings, Details that require special attention
  • 🔎 Knowledge, that gets you deeper into the subject, but you do not have to understand it completely to proceed.
  • 💬 Descriptions for Accessibility

Note: Notes like this one contain helpful information

Course Material

Knurling-sessions aims to be as inclusive as possible. This means that some information is available in several forms, for example pictures and text description. We also use icons so that different kinds of information are visually distinguishable on the first glance. If you have accessibility needs that are not covered, please let us know.